Why OpenVisa

Student and Graduate visas completely online, reviewed and filed by a Registered Australian Migration Agent.

Interpret the legal speak

Our Registered Migration Agents have done all the hard work to turn the government forms into simple, clear questions. We make it easy for you to complete your Student or Graduate visa in record time, or comeback to where you left off in the process if you can’t complete it all at once.

No more piles of paper

We will help you understand the evidence documents you need and store them securely together online with your application.

A Registered Migration Agent at your fingertips

Meet our team of Registered Migration Agents, who will review all of your materials to ensure you’re putting your best application forward.

Yu Xin Kwan Principal Registered Migration Agent MARN 1909693
Mickey Zhang Registered Migration Agent & Advisor MARN 1790403
Maria Do Registered Migration Agent & Advisor MARN 0955639

Help is not far away

We have a dedicated team of Client Service Specialists, to help you with through the platform. Our Service Specialists will make sure all your forms and documents are ready for Agent review and answer any questions you have, all part of the service.

Theresa Nguyen Client Service Specialist
Elle Fleming Client Service Specialist
Cory Mayfield Client Service Specialist
Need answers?


OpenVisa allows you to complete visa application forms online, store all of your supporting documents and our agents will be able to access the same information and lodge the application for you.

We are specialists in Student and Graduate visas and have built our service offering around these 2 visas only.

The best way is to send us an email info@openvisa.co.

Yes, all of our agents who review and lodge your visa application with Department of Home Affairs are registered migration agents. Our Principal Agent, Yuxin Kwan MARN is 1909693.

We are not affiliated with the Department of Home Affairs.

Fees charged by OpenVisa is for the Services selected on our platform and varies depending on the visa. Our fees do not include any fees charged by Department of Home Affairs for lodgement of the Visa Application.

No we cannot. We can assist you with your application and provide guidance to ensure you have the best possible chance, but cannot guarantee that once submitted to Department of Home Affairs, that your application will be successful.

Our online assessment is used purely as a guide for the minimum requirements for the visa. It does not necessarily make you eligible for the visa to be granted. The final assessment is completed by Department of Home Affairs.

Australian Migration Agents at your fingertips, without the price tag