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Interpreting the Australian Visa process is no easy feat. We're here to help you with a fast, easy to understand process, that'll save you time.

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Step 1

Getting Started

It's easy to get started with OpenVisa. Once you've signed up you'll select your visa and complete a simple eligibility check.

Step 2

Pick & Pay

Once eligible you can choose from either our basic package or get an expert on board with our premium package.

Step 3

Uploading your documents

Now it's time to get everything together. OpenVisa makes sure you don't miss a thing with our easy to understand uploader.

Step 4

Agent review

When you've got all your documents uploaded, double check everything and then submit it for an agent to review.

Step 5

Getting Approved

If your visa gets approved, congratulations! You can now get ready to move. If you need another visa, it'll be easy as everything is stored on our system and ready to go.

Who is this right for?

Permanent visas

Designed to bring capable and highly skilled foreign-born people to Australia.

Temporary visas

Visitor visas are required for anyone who wants to enter Australia, that doesn't hold an Australian passport.

Other visas

If we don't currently service your visa we can provide you with a custom service from one of our Registered Australian Migration Agents.

Not sure which visa is right for you?

No problem, we can assess your eligibility and ensure you're applying for a visa that suits your needs.

Ready to get started?

From AU$499 per application You will get everything you need to easily understand and complete your Australian visa. There will be a Registered Migration Agent to check your application at the end. Sign up

How we can help you:

  • Create your profile, store your evidence and documents, fully accessible throughout your entire migration journey
  • Final review by a Registered Australian Migration Agent
  • Lodgement by a Registered Australian Migration Agent
  • You are the main point contact for all correspondence with DHA
For an extra From AU$500 (Total cost from $999) You will be assigned a Registered Migration Agent that will guide you every step of the way through the visa application. Sign up

Get an expert to guide you:

  • All the standard services above
  • Agent assistance with the entire application, including if required, assisting with:
    • Templates for supporting evidence
    • Coordinate your medical examination*
    • Arrange your police checks*
    • Translate your documents*
    • Prepare letter of intent
  • Provide ongoing status reports concerning developments as they occur
  • Registered Australian Migration Agent as main point of contact with the Department of Home Affairs

Pricing includes GST

Important Notice: The Fees charged by OpenVisa is for the Services selected and does not include any fees charged by DHA for lodgement of the Visa Application. You shall pay DHA the Visa Application Fee for the migration application. The application fee is payable to DHA at the time of lodging the application. You understand and accept that whatever the outcome of the migration application, these fees, including those charged by OpenVisa are not refundable.

It may be necessary for you to pay additional fees such as medical cost for the purposes of medical examination(s), translations/ interpreters, costs of obtaining police clearances from Australia and overseas authorities.

DHA – Department of Home Affairs