Explore our frequently asked questions

What makes OpenVisa different from other migration agents?

OpenVisa allows you to complete visa application forms online, store all of your supporting documents and our agents will be able to access the same information and lodge the application for you.

I cannot see a particular visa on the platform.

We’re constantly adding more visas on our platform. If you’re interested in one that is not currently available, please register your interest and we’ll let you know when the visa becomes available.

Do you help with visas to other countries?

At the moment, we only specialise in visas to Australia.

How do I contact you?

The best way is to send us an email info@openvisa.co.

Are your agents registered with MARA?

Yes, all of our agents who review and lodge your visa application with DHA are registered migration agents. Our Principal Agent, Rupert Su’s MARN is 1793922.

Are you connected to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA)?

We are not affiliated with the Department of Home Affairs.

How much does it cost?

Fees charged by OpenVisa is for the Services selected on our platform and varies depending on the visa. Our fees do not include any fees charged by DHA for lodgement of the Visa Application.

Refer to Department of Home Affairs fees list for a complete and current list of applicable fees and charges.

Can you guarantee that my application will be successful?

No we cannot. We can assist you with your application and recommend a suitable option, but cannot guarantee that once submitted to DHA, that your application will be successful.

Your online assessment shows that I may have met the criteria for the visa, does this mean my application will be approved?

Our online assessment is used purely as a guide for the minimum requirements for the visa. It does not necessarily make you eligible for the visa to be granted. The final assessment is completed by DHA.